To Infinix and Beyond

A brand new Android Smart Phone called Infinix X506

The people at were nice enough to give me a new Infinix X506 mobile phone to test, and they asked me to write my honest (and humble) opinion about it.

Infinix Zero X506

By the way, this post is written both in English and in Arabic.


As an iPhone user, the first thing I noticed was, well, the Android vs iOS. But let me get into that a bit later on. The second most obvious difference was the screen size.

Infinix X506 vs iPhone 4S display

As you can see, the same article from Medium looks quite more beautiful on Infinix.

With great mobile size comes great responsibility.

With a mobile phone as big as this one, one wonders about its grip. I noticed two important things here. Firstly, all the physical buttons are on the right side of the phone, so you can basically hold it in your right hand and all its buttons are accessible by your thumb. The second cool feature, thanks to Android, is the voice commands. I was worried about the camera stability while taking photos, but you can simply hold it with both your hands and say "capture" for the photo to be taken. I have to admit that the voice commands are not that reliable, but shouting "capture" and "cheese" helped me not to have shaky photos.

One negative usability aspect here, is the Android "Menu", "Home" and "Back" button. Those are non-physical buttons, so they are only visible when your phone is on and not asleep. The three buttons all look the same. So you have to wait for a couple of days till your muscle memory knows which is which.

You may have noticed that I am focusing on the hardware more than the software when it comes to usability, because when it comes to the software, Infinix is an Android phone, and any analysis to the software will end up being an analysis to Android KitKat. Android vs. iOS, which is easier to use? Well, I am an Apple fan-boy myself, but I have to admit that my 18-month old niece finds the two phones equally easy.

The Camera

The rear camera is 13 mega pixel, in addition to a front 2 mega pixel camera. You can see the sharpness of its camera and its depth of field in this photo of a Trabant 601 toy car.

East German Car, Trabant, photo taken by Infinix camera

No sensor beats my old Olympus SLR, not even Canon, but here is another photo for you to judge the phone's sensor and its colors yourself.

Apples and Oranges, photo taken by Infinix camera

Both photos were taken using the out-of-the-box settings. Of course, you can set the camera's exposure, white balance and increase the image quality for both still photos and videos. The camera has lots of settings and features for you to play with, including Face Detection, HDR and the ISO goes up to 1600 for darker situations. The camera also captures Multi Picture Object (MPO) files. There are files composed of multiple JPG images, and it allows the two 2D images to be viewed as if they were a single 3D image when displayed on a supporting 3D device such as a 3D TV.


I am not a big fan of specification wars. The number of mega pixels in the camera says nothing about the quality of its sensor. However, here is a table of the phone's specification for your reference. Impressed already?

It is not mentioned in the above table, but the phone accepts 2 mini-SIM cards, in addition to a MicroSD card.

Where to buy it?

The phone is still new, and I am not sure there are having resellers here in Egypt, but I can assure you that it will be available on soon.

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