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Data Mining

To stay competitive, retailers must understand not only current consumer behavior, but must also be able to predict future consumer behavior. Managers need to analyse loads of data to have actionable insight across their organization. Data analysis can help business better understand their customers and improve sales and improve customer loyalty.

Using machine learning techniques, data inspection, data cleaning and data modeling, I can help your business discover useful information to support your future decisions.

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Data Visualisation

Data visualisation helps in representing numerical and textual data into a visual format. They can also be interactive by allowing users to explore the datasets presented to them. Journalists and Media Outlets may need DataViz to present complex ideas and engage their readers by inviting them to interact with their Data Stories. Business and NGO can also use the power of DataViz to present complex ideas about the services they offer in easy and beautiful way.

Whether you want to visualise existing data, or need tools to help you visualise your future datasets, I can help you.

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Software Development

On top of one-time data analysis and visualisation, you may also need to build custom softwares to respond to your future data needs. In addition to that, I can also offer consultancy and web development services for governmental entities, NGOs and startups working on Open Data.

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Open Data Consultation

Opening up data isn’t as simple as it sounds. It requires you to make a lot of complex decisions about things like data cleaning, licensing, security, data disclosure planning, creating data portals, APIs, and a whole host of other considerations. Among other services, I can help governments and NGO's decide on which platforms to use, best practices as well as developing and customizing the right solutions for them.

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