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Data Visualisation Training

What is Data Visualisation? Mental Models? Design Principles and Elements?

These slides will introduce you to the different Data Visualisation topics.

Data Visualisation Slides

Data Visualisation in Egypt

A presentation I gave about Data Visualization on Global Voices Online Summit in Kenya, July 2012.

Data Visualisation in Egypt Slides

Python NLP

Python and NLTK (Natural Language Toolkit) are perfect combination for Natural Language Processing and Text Mining.

These slides were used for my session about Natural Language Processing using Python in Google Developer Group's #DevFest-2013.

Python NLP Slides

Data Science

The Harvard Business Review descriped Data Scientists as "the Sexiest Job of the 21st Century". This presentation I gave in one of the AskDeveloper hangouts. It is about Data Science and its uses in Business, Retails, Financial Sector and Politics.

There is also a technical part of the presentation about Machine Learning and the various algorithms used there for Classification, Clustering, Regression, etc.

Data Science and ML

Opinion Spam Detection

As a part of my Information Retrieval module in the University of East Anglia, we had to build classifier to detect opinion spam or deceptive review spam.

This is my poster presentation where I implemented 3 classification algorithms using Python, as well as feature selection and preprocessor modules.

Opinion Spam Detection Slides

URL-based Web Pages Classification

In my dissertation I proposed a new approach to classify web-pages based on their URLs only. I tried to tackle the problem where solutions improves the classifiers accuracy at the expense of their scalability.

In this presentation I explain my classification approach, based on n-gram language model, then I focus on the suggested smoothing techniques and discuss the results.

n-Gram LM Classifier

Human-Computer Interaction

Presentation about HCI/UX, prepared for Norwich Ruby User Group.

Human-Computer Interaction Slides

Linux-Based DiffServ Router

My graduation project in BSc. Electronics & Communications in 2002.

Building a software tool to classify the network traffic, DSCP Mark, Shape and Prioritize it according to those classes.

Linux-Based DiffServ Router Slides

Open Data for Transparency

These slides were presented to the students of Transparency International's School of Integrity in Tunisia. The presentation discusses the role of Open Data and how it is used for more transparency and better governance.

Open Data for Transparency

Open Access in The Arab World

Presentation given during the Open Access Days event. I participated in a panel in the event that took place in the American University in Cairo.

Open Access in the Arab World

Social Streets in Revolutionary Egypt

Mapping Social Media tools to lo-tech solution for delivering the messages to people in the streets.

Shedding the light on initiatives like Kazeboon, #TweetShare3 and Graffitis.

Social Streets Slides

Story Curation

Using social media updates to build a news story.

In this slides I summarize how we curate stories in Global Voices from social media updates, after adding context to them.

Story Curation Slides

Networked Revolts - Egypt

My presentation in Networked Revolts session held in Athens, Greece, May 2011. The session was discussing the uprisings spreading across North Africa and the Middle East and its relation to Social Media.

It was organisers by the Greek newspapers Konteiner and Re-public.

Networked Revolts Slides

Failed Startups - Lessons Learned

A presentation about my failed startups and the lessons I learned from their failure.

This presentation was given in GeekFest Cairo in 29 May 2010.

Failed Startups Slides